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In the past decade, many organizations have implemented the practice of enabling individual employee to update their profiles via in-house application. This smoothens the HR management processes while providing more freedom and ownership to the employees to be responsible for their own profiles.

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Featured Functions & Practicality

unify | ACCESS, Employee Self-Service (ESS) is an application that can be made available over a company’s intranet, portal or a specialized kiosk. Employees are able to manage their personal tasks such as filing for reimbursements, accessing company information or updating personal information. As the business owner, you can choose to confine it to a private network or be part of a web-based self-service solution for a more extensive network to include partners, affiliates even customers. Our ESS solution is instilled with Manager Self-Service (MSS) solution to enable authorized personnel to manage and oversee the overall ESS system running within the organization.

An extremely user-friendly application and solution, Orisoft’s unify | ACCESS (ESS and MSS) seamlessly integrate into any other Orisoft’s unified themed systems such unify | PAY, unify | MASTER and unify | TIME to complete your powerful HR system for an amazing HR management experience.

  • e-Employee Profile
  • e-Pay Slip
  • e-EA Form
  • e-Claim
  • e-Leave
  • e-Appraisal
  • e-Attendance
  • e-Recruitment Requisition
  • e-Training Request & Nomination
  • e-Scheduling
  • e-OT (Request and Claim)
  • e-Loan
  • e-Post Traveling Claims
  • e-Bulletin
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Orisoft unify | PEOPLE

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