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unify | PEOPLE is a comprehensive yet easy to use Human Capital Management solution that streamline your HR needs. The HR solution suite comprising Payroll, Human Resource Management, Time Attendance and Employee Self Service, each focusing on a specific area of HR people management , are designed to be intuitive to reduce administrative burden and provide process efficiencies.

The subscription-based solution allows your organization hassle free access to the HR Solution by just paying a flat monthly subscription fee. You get everything, from up-front hardware setup to ongoing application hosting and management.

Whether your HR personnel are spread across different offices, regionally or internationally, unify |  PEOPLE on Cloud (SaaS HR Solutions) will always be centrally available and just a click away. Enabling access anytime, anywhere SaaS HR Solutions also enable you to manage your employee data securely without costly investment in high maintenance hardware and software.

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Key Features

  • Affordable pay per employee per month subscription fee for the services used, rather than purchasing the software.
  • Access to a hosted private and secured website solely built for your organization.
  • Access anytime anywhere, SaaS provides easy online access 24/7 using a web browser on any computer, notebook
    or mobile device.
  • Innovative and flexible solutions that easily integrates to your specific business systems.
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kind words, great clients

  • "We are very pleased with the scope of value we are experiencing as a result of unifiedHCMS. By having control of our HR data, minimizing administration and creating more adaptable business processes with unifiedHCMS, our company has tremendously reduced the day-to-day workload of our central HR team."

    ModenasModenas, Motosikal Dan Enjin Nasional Sdn Bhd
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